The STAR login page and system don’t yet reflect recent changes to the STAR program. That’s because the STAR database is under construction and can’t be updated immediately. So, what’s different?

STAR Year Dates

You might notice that the system still shows the previous STAR year beginning and ending dates. Effective with the Spring 2020 semester, the STAR year runs from May 1, 2019, until August 31, 2020. Ignore references to the old May–April calendar. These will have no effect on calculation of your STAR hours for the 2019–2020 STAR year, and you can run reports based on any start and end dates you choose.

STAR Requirements

As detailed on the Requirements & Rewards page, STAR now operates on two tracks: Track 1, which requires 10 hours of STAR credit; and Track 2, which requires 20 hours. The interface where you enter your events and view your total hours completed still behaves as though 20 hours is the requirement. Please ignore this, and pursue the number of hours required for the STAR track you’ve chosen to participate in.

Logging In

Proceed to the STAR login page.