How to Get a STAR Account

For more information on how to sign up for a staff member or supervisor account, visit the Getting Started page.

STAR User Help and Suggestions Form

To make comments or suggestions about STAR, or to ask for help with a STAR-related problem, please complete the STAR User Help and Suggestions form. This form will open in a new window and take you to a separate website. You can use this form to

  • ask questions or provide feedback about the STAR program
  • request help with a problem you’re experiencing on the STAR website
  • suggest an event or a topic for a future event
  • suggest an event for the list of STAR opportunities
  • request Dean’s Office preapproval for an event that’s not covered on our STAR Eligibility page.

All questions on this form are optional, but if your question has to do with your individual STAR account or problems with the website, we may be better able to help you if we know your name, email address, and department.