Welcome to STAR!

Employees who undertake professional development and training activities report greater satisfaction with their jobs. They say they feel more engaged, more motivated, and empowered to make a positive difference in their workplaces. They discover ways to make their work faster, better, and more interesting, and they acquire new skills that can advance their careers.

To encourage A&S staff members to take advantage of these kinds of opportunities, the Dean’s Office created the STAR Incentive program. Now in its fifth year, the program awards the STAR Incentive, a small pay increase, to all exempt and non-exempt staff who accumulate at least 20 hours of training per year (May 1-April 30).

You can earn STAR credit for a wide range of activities, including conferences, webinars, training sessions on UA policies and systems, and HR's work-related workshops, and you can track your accumulated hours throughout the year through the system's online reporting feature. (See our STAR Eligibility page for details.)

Learn more about STAR by browsing this website and talking to your supervisor.

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